Why Obama is my choice

I was wandering around the blogisphere reading comments by people about the Pennsylvania primary election, when I came across one comment response in which the writer spewed on and on about his hatred of Barack Obama and how if Hillary Clinton didn’t get the nomination, he was definitely voting for McCain.

I know if Hillary is not given the presidential nomination, I will definitely vote for McCain. McCain is a “mild” conservative — a moderate and has very little in common with Bush. I will never vote for Obama

He then goes on to tell us that Barack Obama is a liar and can’t be trusted and so on and so forth (without any citations or references). Obviously this person is angry and for some reason feels that it is Obama’s fault. It seems to me, that many of the Hillary supporters (at least on the web) fall into this manic, screeching, hatred hurling category, and very few of their blogs relate to issues. More of them seem to fall into the name calling category instead. There are a few who seem thoughtful and sane, though.

Anyway, all of that is to let you know that MoveOn.org is asking for peoples’ feedback on their 30 second Barack Obama ads. You’re asked to rate the submissions on degree of positiveness, creativity, and overall message. I like Barack Obama because, yes, of the hope and “things can be different” attitude, but what it all boils down to, is that it’s not about him winning, it’s about them winning. They are what this election is about. This is one of my favorite ads.

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  1. Although I generally don’t like generalizations, I am inclined to agree with you there. I am a Clinton supporter, and I can certainly understand some of the anger our side feels. This is not about Barack Obama, it is about the kind of vile anti-Clinton venom spewed on MSNBC, the Huffington Post, NBC News and the rest of the media.

    The division that is “apparently” threatening the party has nothing to do with candidate, but much more to do with the media. They started this fire!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I like your layout and topics. I’ll link your blog to mine — I’m really trying to support grassroots efforts. We’ll make a big difference.

  3. Although I generally don’t like generalizations

    That’s hilarious!!! What you’ve hit upon (re: MSM and especially MSNBC et. al) is a topic I’ve been tossing around in my head. It’s kinda easy to hit Full Of eXcrement, but the main stream has the most influence with Democrats, I think.

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