If you get a chance, go over to Citizen Zion. What I attempted to do with a few short videos, he accomplishes with strong words and logic… and he says himself that he is not an Obama supporter.

He prints in full text, verbatim, Rev. Wright’s words, and then does one better and prints some of Hagee’s words.

You’ll wonder, as I have wondered, why John Hagee has not had as much of an effect on John McCain. It seems that since a certain right wing tv station has not released any “snippets” of Hagee, the MSM hasn’t bothered to investigate on its own.

4 thoughts on “intolerance”

  1. Nope. You’re wrong in your assertion of motive. It’s more of a case of expectations. Nobody in the US would be shocked by a Republican having “fundamentalist” endorsements. On the other hand, the oh-so-secular Left has the expectation that their candidates are free from such things.

    Wright is news and an issue, Hagee is status quo.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    Jonolan, no, it’s not a case of expectation. Even if it were, what kind of a country or a society allows its leaders to be associated with hateful people like John Hagee, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson? and does not it treat increasingly close links between them as news.

    We endured eight-years of an administration that consistently pandered to the Christian right and we ended up with a government that blurs the line between church and state, a not-so-insignificant segment of the population discriminated against in the name of a religious interpretation of sexuality and a foreign policy doctrine that closely resembles the crusades.

    If the Left is going to be held up to higher standards than the Right then the MSM should not claim objectivity, and should just come out and say it.

  3. Sorry, but it IS a case of expectations. After all the previous coverage of the religious right’s takeover of the Republicans, the expectation of the average viewer / reader is that there will be links between people like Hagee, Falwell and Robertson with Republican politicians.

    It becomes non-news since Americans are conditioned to expect such things. Just like the Dems are expected to be secular. The MSM is objective about this in the sense that their agenda is about making money, no matter how.

    You seem to be ranting about what you think is Right. I was speaking to what IS. There I think is the confusion.

  4. Jonolan,

    What WAS, was that McCain initially avoided and then reached out for the endorsement from Hagee. This thread of comments summarizes the differences nicely (Thank you for the new ‘may be related’ feature). And as we know now, the MSM has virtually ignored it.

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