when stars die

I don’t mean the celestial kind.

I mean the human kind.

I’ mean stars… not celebrities.

For many reasons we find the death of a star extremely fascinating.  We become totally obsessed with what their lives were like.  As if we some how could identify with them.  In reality, we may share certain facts like a birthday, or a strict parent, or some other superficiality, but we don’t have any idea what their lives are/were like.   We can imagine what their lives were like, and I think that’s where the fascination begins.

Just as we can imagine what it would be like to win the lottery.  Just as we can imagine what heaven or hell is like.  We can’t really know what their lives are like, but we do know how their talents have influenced us.  And because we feel personally affected we care when they die, even more than when a war is started.

We still have Iran, Medical coverage, Global warning, Iraq and numerous other things to deal with, but talents have been lost.