… you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from.

Now see,… this is what bothers me with About pages. These kind of pages don’t really tell you anything about the person. At best it becomes a list of your activities or favorites (Oh, you like chocolate ice cream?). However, it doesn’t really tell you about the person. You can only get a flavor of that after reading the blog for a while.

Do you know any more about me if I tell you that I believe religion is the greatest impairment to spiritual understanding ever? Even greater than pornography? What would that tell you about me? What if I said I believed religion, was the only path to spiritual understanding? What if I believed that there were multiple paths?

Do you know any more about me if I tell you I’m a Republican or Democrat, or leftwing or rightwing, or conservative or progressive?

What if I like chocolate or butter-pecan? Or what if I like the beach or the mountains?

Hopefully you can stick around and find out on your own where I’m coming from. Welcome.

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