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Something is being tested.

New Theme

I  got tired of the darkness of the original theme (black and red), and just could not get used to the greenish theme, so I’m trying out this one.  It has been a year since this blog was started, so I think some change is in order.  This theme also comes with the ability to change the image at the top to one of my own choosing.  It’s called Rubric.

testing post dating

This is a test to see if I can put a date on a blog to be posted at a time after I actually post.

It is now 9:19pm. I’m dating the post as today at 9:30pm.

Okay, I’ve just added this text. I want it to update the post at 9:45pm.

Very cool.  It actually removed the post until the above time rolled around.

Does YouTube Work?

This is just a test to see if youtube works the way it should. It does not seem to work properly on Whispers. You have to put the YouTube code in place, after you finish writing, and the code has to be entered on the code UI.Okay, here’s my first attempt at placing a YouTube video.Well, that didn’t work. Now I’ll try placing the code in the Visual editor. That seemed to work, but two things happened. The code was changed from multiple lines, to one line which is a reference to the YT site, and the customized viewer is not there.This is what it looks like when I customize it on the YT page and then put the code here. Now I’ll try putting the code on the Code Editor.That didn’t work either.I must be dense. Looking at the upload box I see there are instructions for putting YT video in a blog, but that doesn’t give me the custom viewer either. BTW, WordPress automatically shortens the code. It can be placed either in the editor directly, or in the upload section.