Taxes for fun and profit

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Well, it’s tax day again and I just thought I’d remind those of us who are retired and working, that  while we are  counting our pennies and deductions before the dreaded deadline, there are entities of our society that would like to be treated as though human but not suffering any of the duties of taxes.

A few weeks ago, Senator Bernie Sanders released a list of the ten worst companies for paying their taxes.  You sorta knew that Exxon Mobil would be there as number one, but check out some of the other names.

Buying prescription glasses online

Now that I am on a fixed income since my retirement, I have started looking for ways to cut back on expenses. So when I noticed how scratched my glasses were, I figured I’d get a new pair, before the inevitable headaches began.

I considered the possibility of  just using the same frames and getting new lenses and using a local eyeglass store, but having all the options I wanted was still going to cost me a a pretty penny.  Besides, I wanted a more up to date style frame.

My ophthalmologist* said my prescription hadn’t changed, and he gave me a prescription to get filled.  One thing I found out, is that if you’re going to order online, you need to know you PD or pupillary distance. Usually the optometrist at the store measures for this, but your doctor can do it just as well… it might even be in your file already!

*(Before retiring, my occupation was/[is?] as a photographer and photo editor. I never take chances with my eyes. I have them examined by my eye doctor yearly.)

I did a great deal of research before placing an order, and I found I could get two pair of glasses for less that the price of one, if I was willing to do the footwork.  In the past, getting glasses with all the options like thin lenses, scratch resistent, anti-glare etc., cost close to or over $500 at a local national chain.

There are one or two things I might have done differently, but I’m totally happy with the glasses I got, and will stay with online purchasing now that I know what I’m doing.  The first thing you’ll need to do, is

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I’m really looking forward to seeing Avatar. I’ve been looking forward to it since at least August of this year. I was hoping that I would see it on Saturday but now it looks like Tuesday.

I also wanted to see Surrogates but I think I’m going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

Joe Wilson and the fringe right

It is understandable that he chose – or as some suggested, was told – to bellow “You lie!” when the President was explaining for the umpteenth time that undocumented immigrants would not be covered under health care legislation. After all, Wilson’s extreme anti-immigrant positions are well known.

Albor Ruiz hits the nail on the head in his column in today’s Daily News. He cuts right through the crap and hits right to the main belief system of the GOP extreme right wing (or is it their middle ground?).

Much of what they have to say, is based in racism and hatred.  Maybe one day, the Conservatives will take over from the hatriots.

… waiting for the sun.