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Honor at CS Monitor

I recently read a blog on the otherwise neutral Christian Science Monitor that was reporting on the “apology” by the New York Post about their recent racist cartoon. The article was pretty biased against not only Al Sharpton, but the idea that the cartoon was racist. This, of course, led to numerous comments that veered toward racist dogma.

When I went back to the Christian Science Monitor get some quotes, I found they had removed it:

– Editor’s note: This post has been removed because it generated inappropriate comments.

Thank you Christian Science Monitor for removing the inflammatory. The only relationship this blog and comments had with the 1st amendment is as another example of shouting fire in a crowded theater.

A note: I have added a category labeled race.

addendum 2/20/2009 – I just checked my link to the removed blog, and see that the entire page has been taken down.