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Computers for every taste

A friend sent me an article from the New York Times that says Barack Obama’s site is like a Mac and Hillary Clinton’s is like a PC.

On one thing, the experts seem to agree. The differences between hillaryclinton.com and barackobama.com can be summed up this way: Barack Obama is a Mac, and Hillary Clinton is a PC.

That’s pretty funny and a light article to read. I just want to know if that makes John McCain’s website like a TRS-80.TRS-80


Apple improves laptops

According to Fortune, Apple has improved it’s product line:

For once the rumor mills had it (mostly) right: the new lineup of MacBook Pros that many had expected Steve Jobs to introduce at Macworld last month did indeed arrive today, Feb. 26, as anticipated.

Blockquote seems to work well, and links is working too!