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Big Day Tonight

Wow! I’ve been waiting for this day for so long, as I’m sure the rest of the nation is.  What happens tonight could be of major importance.   We’ll find out who the warriors are, and who the losers are.  Which reminds me,… John McBush is also performing this evening.  I’ll read the reports on his hoo-ha tomorrow because I’ll be  watching the Giants vs Washington in the opening game of the NFL.

Plenty of new looks early

The Giants begin their Super Bowl title defense with a new look, but against a familiar NFC East opponent. Eli Manning and Co. will be without five defensive starters from their championship team as they take on the Redskins in their first game under new coach Jim Zorn.
week one for NFL
week one for NFL

The good old days

NEW YORK – In a summer marked by hurricanes and $3 gasoline, the oil companies struck gold.

Friday, Chevron joined the eye-popping profits parade. The nation’s No. 2 oil company reported earnings of $3.6 billion. The totals only get bigger: Conoco Phillips made $3.8 billion, BP made $6.5 billion, Royal Dutch Shell made $9 billion and Exxon Mobil raked in a whopping $9.9 billion in just three months.

Think, this is an article from Friday’s paper?  Look again.  Three dollar gas?  This is an article from the summer of 2005!

What makes this year different is that the oil companies (and especially Exxon Mobil) have made the most profits ever!!!  Meanwhile, McCain proposes tax cuts for the oil companies and, also like bush, offshore drilling.

Democrats Moving Forward

Obama and Clinton together

Saturday, Hillary Clinton did the right thing, and she did it with much grace and in a positive way. As she has said, it is now time for Democrats to come together and correct the course that this country has been on. For us to continue on the course that bush (and believers in his policies) has stubbornly followed, is insane.

Oh, and for those (alleged Hillary supporters) who say they will vote for McCain/bush rather than Barack Obama, the jig is up. Even if the news programs don’t get it, we all know you are really Republicans attempting to split the Democratic vote. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

McCain/Parsley and Islam

What is it about the main stream media, that they don’t want to deal with the obvious? I thought it was bad enough that it has taken so long to even make John Hagee a recognizable name directly connected to John McCain. Remember, McCain actively sought Hagee’s endorsement.

Now, I’ve discovered that McCain also has sought (and has not denounced or rejected) the endorsement of Rev. Rod Parsley a rabid anti-islam preacher. Don’t believe me? Check out the video.

Isn’t it curious that all these fringe people and beliefs belong to the Republicans, and isn’t it curious that the MSM hasn’t connected these people with McCain (can I add a yet to the sentence)?