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looking ahead,… past the primaries

Lots of people are pretty sure that Clinton has no chance of winning the nomination, let alone the presidency. The logic goes, that she won’t be able to get enough delegates or even the popular vote.

But she has proven again, and again, that she cares more about herself (and the idea of it being her turn to be president) than the country or the Democratic party. The warnings are already in her words:

…the American people don’t quit, and they deserve a president who doesn’t quit either.

I don’t want to scare you, but you read it herevote for me or else first. If Clinton doesn’t get the nomination (and it’s likely she won’t), I think there’s a distinct possibility that she’ll strike out on her own as an independent.

Of course, that would destroy the Democratic party, not to mention the country because McCain would have a cakewalk to the oval office, and the rest of us can just get on the bread gas-line.

mccain/hagee and catholicism

I came across this YouTube video just yesterday and considering that I had made a point in an earlier post about the McCain/Hagee alliance, I decided to give Rev. Hagee a chance to speak for himself. How apropos since the Pope will be visiting the United States next week (starting Tuesday 4/15/2008). The video is under six minutes.

Meanwhile, as an aside, I found this interesting article over at The Rawstory:

The White House has scheduled a dinner next week in honor of Pope Benedict XVI’s first visit to the United States, but one guest will be conspicuously absent from the proceedings: the pope himself.

Computers for every taste

A friend sent me an article from the New York Times that says Barack Obama’s site is like a Mac and Hillary Clinton’s is like a PC.

On one thing, the experts seem to agree. The differences between hillaryclinton.com and barackobama.com can be summed up this way: Barack Obama is a Mac, and Hillary Clinton is a PC.

That’s pretty funny and a light article to read. I just want to know if that makes John McCain’s website like a TRS-80.TRS-80